Inter linking articles in your blog is must, because you don’t want your visitor who is reading your article, to read it, than close the web page or get back to Google search or any other work. You surely want to showcase some other high quality articles to your visitor while he/she is reading any particular article.

Post Linker is a WordPress CMS plugin which helps you to automatically interlink your articles. The plugin generate relevant links to the post, so that the visitor will get eager to read related articles. Keeping your visitor busy reading articles helps a lot in many ways, like it increases “Time on Site” or will increase the chances of “Clicking Advertisements” if you are only concerned about money. I’ll talk about the features of plugin soon but firstly let’s get into details of how to interlink your articles manually.

  1. The best way to interlink is just by adding inbound links in keywords present inside a sentence. See how I added links in previous sentence.
  2. The second way can be providing a relevant link below the paragraph you’ve just written because the link contains quality content about the same thing which is discussed in your paragraph. For ex:
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  3. If you are not able to link your articles within a sentence or just you don’t want to, then third way is to make a section of relevant links having a heading like “You might also like” or “Recommend articles for you”, etc. See the image below:Image:

So in the third type of linking articles by creating a special section for them, comes the work of Post Linker plugin. Manually creating 2-3 sections in a long post, each having 4-5 links, would be a bit irritating. Post linker handles this thing for you in a lot easy and flexible way.

The main features of Post Linker plugin are:

  1. Automatically insert “You might also like” type section inside any article
  2. Takes care of display the most relevant links inside the section
  3. Display the section wherever you want inside an article using a shortcode [plinker]
  4. Once links are generated, the headings, the article links and the sequence get fixed, its indexing friendly (I guess)
  5. Article would just seem that links are inserted manually not dynamically by a plugin
  6. You can store different default headings which will be used on all the posts
  7. Deactivation disappears the shortcode from every posts
  8. Provides statistics of post linker article links that are visited


The plugin is worth giving a try, exploring it features. By the way the plugin also saves your time which will be consumed in creating such “You might also like” section(s). Which blogger on this earth doesn’t want to save time and spend it on something more productive?

For installing the plugin you can search “Post Linker” in add new plugins inside WordPress or you can download it manually.

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